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Beta Vehicles are vehicles that were not included in the game. Beta Vehicles are deleted vehicles or unobtainable vehicles that will spawn through trainers. Deleted Vehicles never appear in the final game while other beta vehicles are hidden in the games' files and can be obtain though can't be appear normally in the streets or spawn in the streets.

Deleted Vehicles

These are vehicles that were deleted or cut before the games' release and can't be spawned through third party trainers or cheat device.


The Luton is a box van similar to the Pony. It is never released in GTA III.


Also another vehicle that was cut in GTA III. The car was planned to be a four door sedan.


A cut weapon in GTA SA but also a vehicle. It was cut during the development of the game and was planned to be introduced in the mission Madd Dogg's Rhymes. Only the HUD Icon is the remnants of the Skateboard.

Sea Dragon

Many previews of Chinatown Wars implied that the Sea Dragon will appear in the game but the vehicle is no where to be found in the city. It is said that the vehicle is a tank that has an ability to hover through water, possibly it was replaced by the Rhino.

Unobtainable Vehicles

Similar to the deleted vehicles but the difference is that it can be spawned through mods or cheat devices.

FBI Truck

An APC that was cut before the game's release. It was planned to appear in the cut mission The Truth is Out There.

RC Cam

A Remote Controlled vehicle in GTA SA that is disguised as a pot. It is never used in the game and it is rideable and can support 2 people.


A stumpy looking truck that was cut in the The Ballad of Gay Tony. It can be obtain through modifications.