Daisie Cash-Cooze

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Daisie is a privately eductated Brit from London who during her first stay in Liberty City developed a cocaine addiction and slept with Maisonette 9 bodyguard Luis Lopez. She went back to London for some time and returned, reuniting with Luis as a random character in Maisonette 9. She went easy on her cocaine addiction, is courting with a man named Bertie and is in a heap of trouble. Homosexual action star Chris Hunt was given a handjob by Daisie and planned on leaking the video online. Luis drove Daisie around Algonquin in an attempt to track him down via his cell phone bleets. They travel to Perseus, Squid Row and eventually they find him in Star Junction where he is supposedly premiering his latest movie, which turns out to be his sextape on a ten feet tall outdoor screen. Daisie runs away in shock and Luis simply says that it couldn't have happened to anyone nicer.