Departure Time

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Departure Time is the final storyline mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It starts off with Luis and Tony setting off to Funland, Hove Beach, where Bulgarin is dealing coke in vans. Once the player arrives there, Tony will depart to Meadows Park as recommended. Luis must clear his path and destroy the 3 main coke vans. After this he must try and search for Bulgarin and Timur, however Ray is nowhere to be found and only Timur is left, standing beside the final van. Before you destroy the it, he will tell you that Ray has left and is at the airport, due to take off. Then, take control of a Bati Custom found nearby. Luis now is ordered to drive to Dukes Expressway, and along the way Yusuf calls him if he needs any assistance, and consequently Luis will decline the offer. Upon reaching the Expressway, Yusuf will appear shooting a rocket to destroy a Russian car in his yellow Buzzard. The player now must follow him - he will destroy any Russians along the way. When finally reaching the airport you'll see a blue private jet preparing to take off. During this time you must catch up to it before it departs. Luis will then shoot a hostile seen inside and will jump onto the jet. Take out anyone in your way. Bulgarin will then appear - with a grenade in his hand which he is prepared to use. A cinematic execution will take place, with Ray falling to the ground with the grenade set to explode with the safety pin removed. The jet then explodes upon detonation and so Luis jumps out. The player must then safely parachute down to Dukes Globe where Tony will be. Upon landing, a cutscene will be played that shows a bum walking the street, looking for food. Luis bumps into him, spilling the trash. Luis will help him up and walk away, and during this the bum finds the pouch of diamonds - Bulgarin's diamonds. He then walks away laughing with joy. Tony will meet Luis and after so Yusuf will come and celebrate.