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This article is about the diamond section of the game and who they end up with each time

They got here on the Platypus (the boat that niko came on) they were originally Ray Bulgarian’s and where about to become Anthony prince's, the deal got interrupted by Johnny and the lost mc for Ray Boccino. Johnny got the diamonds and hid them in two places for Niko to acquire them later with the help of luca, tuna and Johnny spaz. Luca and his crew tried to steal the diamonds and flee to Las Ventures but where killed by Niko. Later in the story Niko and Johnny tried to sell the ice to Isaac Roth and Mori Green but it was interrupted by Luis. Luis got the diamonds and it is unclear what happened to them after that. Niko Packie and Gerry tried to get the diamonds back by kidnapping Gracie Anccelotti and holding her for ransom. Anthony and Luis are sent on behalf of Giovanni to get his daughter back from packie and niko. The deal gets busted up by ray Bulgarian and his men. One of the men grabs the diamonds and runs to the other side of the sewage works but in fear he drops them over the side saying that whatever his decision he will be killed. The diamonds land in a truck going to the dump which are then found by a homeless man and are valued at 2 million dollars. 100 people try to claim that they are theirs but the mayor agrees to give it to the homeless man which he then opens up a gun shop and liquor store in vice city.