Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

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Hooray! One more Gracie mission! After you get your orders from Gerald. Go to the second safehouse and you'll find Packie and, big suprise, a gagged Gracie Ancelotti. This time you don't have a horde of angry family chasing you so as long as you don't kill anyone in the car you're fine. You'll end up at Charge Island, the small and unimportant island between Algonquin and Broker. Now things get tricky. The diamonds from Ray's Taking in the Trash are supposed to be exchanged for Gracie but Rodislav Bulgarin crops up and tries to steal the diamonds himself. He brings a small army with him. Use cover and pick his men off one by one. There are about 50 of them. This mission loves either assault rifle or the SMG. Keep either one and in autolock mode when walking. Packie will help too but don't rely on him. If you have a Rocket Launcher, it may be worth considering but use it sparingly and only for tight groups of enemies or vehicles. Grenades are worth their weight in gold against blind firing enemies. After you finally clear out all of the thugs, you will encounter one more holding the diamonds. Unfortunatly he drops them into a passing dump truck so you can't have them. Packie acts as you may expect him to. Bulgarin sends in a few more goons but nothing serious. To wrap up the mission, drive Packie back to his house. After this mission is completed and 3 game days have passed , you get Gracie Ancelotti added as a random character and sadly she doesn't have any kind of memory loss...