Didier Sachs

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  Didier Sachs is a high class and rather expensive clothing store situated in Rodeo, Los Santos. While it's prices may be seen as extortionate, you're guaranteed to turn heads wearing these clothes. Didier Sachs becomes open for business upon the completion of the mission "Home In The Hills". The clothing list is as follows:

Torso Tweed Jacket Red Jacket Blue Jacket Yellow Jacket Tuxedo Green Jacket Letterman Top

Legs Red Pants Blue Pants Yellow Pants Tweed Pants Tuxedo Pants Green Pants

Shoes Black Shoes Brown Shoes Spats

Chains Cross Chain Dollar Chain

Watches Gold Crowex Silver Crowex

Shades Black Shades Black Rim

Hats Dark Trilby Light Trilby Black Derby Red Derby Blue Derby Yellow Derby Green Derby Gray Boater Black Boater