Dimitri Rascalov

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Introduced in: "Crime and Punishment"

Dimitri Rascalov is Russian criminal. He serves as the main antagonist of the game.

Dimitri is initially shown as Mikhail Faustin's associate, however he later betrays him and orders Niko to assassinate him. Niko later meets with Dimitri at a warehouse to collect his reward for the killing, however Dimitri betrays him and reveals his new associate, who orders his men to kill Niko. Little Jacob comes to his rescue, and mentions that Dimitri has escaped and they can deal with him another time. Niko receieves a call from Roman, who is in hiding and asks Niko to meet with him at a secluded location. They journey back to Roman's apartment and discover that Dimitri has set fire to both the apartment and Roman's taxi depot and they both escape to Bohan to avoid any further trouble, after receieving death threats from Dimitri via the phone. Towards the conclusion of the main storyline, the player has to make a choice of either dealing drugs with Dimitri or dealing revenge and killing him.

Dimitri is voiced by Moti Margolin.