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Diva Starr is a fictional character in Grand Theft Auto 4 The Balled of Gay Tony, Diva is oviusly based on Real-Life African-American Celebrity Singers Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Whitney Huston.

Diva Starr is a celebrity electropop singer based in Los Santos, despite working and residing in San Andreas Diva frequants Liberty City nightclub Bahama Mamas and own's a lavish 41-room penthouse in the Middle Park West district of Algonquin, when Diva is back on the West Coast she lives in a 77-room mansion in the Mulholland area of Los Santos. She has currently released 11 studio-albums all topping the national charts, Diva has sold more than 90 million albums worldwide and has made over $400 million doing so, she is currently working on a new album titled I AM A DIVA (a play on real-life pop star beyonce's new album I Am Sasha Fierce). Diva really does live up to her name, demanding freshly-cut roses in her dressing-room aswell as cavier, champaine and ready-to-serve lobster, she also demands every store she enter's to be closed when she is browsing, despite having a enormous ego Diva isnt much ducumented on by the paparazzi infact she bearly even makes it into the tabloids simply because everyone is fed-up with her instant demands and confedince-destroying insults, Diva was ranked Most Hated Celebrity in America by Fizz! and is a self-confessed Narcissist and Egomaniac, she made international headlines last-year for spending $30 million on diamonds in just 1 hour during a trip to Paris.

  • World-Famous Celebrity and International Pop Star
  • Rich MultiMillionairess and Outlandish Spender
  • Successful Recording Artist Having Sold Over 90 Units Worldwide
  • Highly Narcissistic and Ego-Driven
  • Said to be Most Successful African-American Female Singer of the 00's Decade
  • All 11 of her Albums Reached a Peak of #1 on the National Charts
  • Regular Face on the Liberty City Party Cercuit