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  • Prerequisites: C.R.A.S.H Path Burning Desire
  • Rewards: Respect and territory
  • Unlockables: Ability to invade territories to take them, able to buy weapons from Ammunation

CJ will get a call from Sweet. It is time to start claiming more turf in typical gangland fashion. This will be a tough mission unless you have enough firepower to withstand the repeated attacks you will soon be subject to, and recruit a few Grove Street Family members to help along.

  1. First, you will have to head to Ammu-Nation and acquire the weaponry you need. Automatic weapons and shotguns do good. In addition, a grenade can take out whole groups of enemies. Remember, this is total war, no holds barred.
  2. Next, head toward the purple area marked on your map. This is Ballas turf and it will soon come under new management. To provoke a gang war, you must shoot up three Ballas gang members. Once this happens, the territory starts to flash red indicating a gang war in progress.
  3. You will be hit by three waves of Ballas gang members. They will come from different directions so watch your radar. It is best to put yourself into a good defensive position. If you see a large group of them, chuck a grenade to clear them out. Also, armor and health icons will randomly appear on the battlefield.
  4. Once you survive the three waves, life will return to normal and you will now own the territory. Don't forget to get all the weapons and money off the dead bodies. Your job, though, isn't quite over yet. You now need to take care of the traitor Grove Street gang member.
  5. Use the radar to find him. When you get to him, take care of his bodyguards and then give chase to him. Kill him to finish the mission.