Downtown Broker

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Downtown Broker, often referred to by its official name, which is simply Downtown, is a neighborhood in central Broker, Liberty City. It is bordered to the north by Brunner Street (Cerveza Heights), to the west by Mohawk Avenue (Rotterdam Hill), to the south by Earp Street (Outlook), and to the east by Montauk Avenue (Schottler).


As its name implies, it is the downtown area of Broker; as such, it is the civic and commercial center of the borough. Downtown is a very bustling and lively neighborhood, seeing a great amount of pedestrian and traffic flow. Many chain stores and businesses can be found in the area, particularly on Munsee Avenue and Montauk Avenue. The average height of buildings in the neighborhood is much taller than in other areas around Broker.


Downtown is Liberty City's answer to Downtown Brooklyn.


Downtown is not served by the Liberty City Subway. The closest subway stations to the neighborhood are Schottler in nearby South Slopes and Huntington Street in Cerveza Heights.