Downtown Staunton

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Aerial view of Downtown Staunton, with most of skyscrapers.

Downtown Staunton is located south of the Callahan Bridge are the districts of Torrington and Bedford Point. Both are home to Staunton Island's massive skyscrapers and aimed at modeling of what is a mixture of Downtown and Midtown Manhattan today. Downtown Staunton has only two districts:

Torrington: At the southeast corner of the Island is Torrington, which is aimed at being more like Manhattan's Financial Center. Torrington is home to landmarks like City Hall, the Yakuza-run Kenji's Casino and an FBI Offices.

Bedford Point: Being a district also filled with financial high-rises, Bedford Point is located in the southeast part of Staunton Island and is the location of a Times Square like intersection just south of the main boulevard that leads to the Callahan Bridge. Bedford Point is home to the LCFR Studio, the city Cathedral, City Courthouse, and the Liberty Tree Offices. Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop (Liberty City Stories) is located between Bedford Point and Torrington.