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Drinking with friends or girlfriends is a preferred activity by the player and his friends. When drinking with friends you will pay about $50 but its worth it seeing your player fall on the group. With friends they will usually overdue drinking the beer, but with girlfriends they will not drink as much as you. If you enter a vehicle that you are driving while you are drunk the player will remark something such as "Driving in this condition, not such a good idea." (Only Niko Bellic will say this, because when Johnny Klebbitz gets on his bike, a short cutscene will begin and his friends will say they had a good time and then they will drive off and then Johnny's intoxication will wear off soon.) When Niko is driving his friend home (or to another activity) and the police see him he will get a one star wanted level. The bars you can visit is Comrades Bar, Jerkov's Bar, Lucky Winkles, Steinway Beer Garden and Club Liberty.