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Dropping In... is a mission in the downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Anthony Prince orders Luis to work with one of Bulgarin's henchman, Timur. Bulgarin wants to gain possession of the Rampage, the hockey team in Liberty City, and Luis must attack the offices in the attic and make sure that the team owner signs the contract of business with Bulgarin. Luis and Timur begin to fly on a helicopter, and Luis must parachute on the roof of the building. Luis must then go into the floors of the building through the stairs and eliminate the maintenance of security. At this point the alarm rings and fire sprinkler system is activated. Luis shoots his target and causes him to fall from the window, then follows him jumping with a parachute. He parachutes onto a truck in motion, like a script, has a comfortable mattress in the cargo area, then the mission ends. If Luis had lost the truck, he would have to deal with other security men.[1]


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