East Beach Freeway Extension

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The East Beach Freeway Extension is a minor highway in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


As with all the freeways in San Andreas, the East Beach Freeway Extension, is a four lane highway. It begins in East Beach, Los Santos. It runs beside Grove Street for a short bit, before it ducks under the Brown Streak Railroad's tracks. Then, it ducks under two roads before terminating at the Los Santos Freeway in Downtown.


The freeway has only a short few exits in it's path

EXIT 1: East Beach

EXIT 2: Two lane road that meets grove street. Westbound only.

EXIT 3: Two lane road with fire house and hospital. Partial exit in each direction. A ramp from westbound to the road and on eastbound on ramp from two lane road that intersects road, where westbound traffic get off at.

EXIT 4: Los Santos Freeway. TO: Los Santos International Airport Southbound. Las Venturas via Red County Northbound.