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East Island is an island in the GTAIV Rendition of Liberty City. It houses the two eastern boroughs of Liberty City: Broker and Dukes. Out of the seven islands in Liberty City it is the only one to facilitate more than one borough.

The island contains 19 out of the city's 65 districts, 12 of them belonging to Broker and 7 of them belonging to Dukes. Despite Broker having more distinct neighborhoods, Dukes accounts for a larger share of the land area on East Island.

East Island serves as the primary location for the early chapters in the GTAIV storyline. Once the player establishes contact with employers and companions in other islands, East Island only plays a minor locational role in preceding missions.

East Island houses some important functions, most notably Liberty City's International Airport which is located in the eastern reaches of Dukes.


East Island is well served by LTA Transport.

There are four road bridges that allow vehicular access to the island: Broker Bridge, Algonquin Bridge, East Borough Bridge and Dukes Bay Bridge; the former two also allow pedestrian access.

The Liberty City Subway system serves East Island well, serving 5 stations within the island: Hove Beach LTA(Hove Beach, Broker) Schottler LTA (South Slopes, Broker) Huntington Street LTA (Cerveza Heights, Dukes) Lynch Street LTA (Meadow Hills, Dukes) and Francis International Airport LTA (Francis International Airport, Dukes).