Easter Basin Naval Station

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The Easter Basin Naval Station is a military base located in Easter Basin, San Fierro, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It consists of two large buildings, with docks (presumably for submarines) inside the main building. It also has a parked Patriot and Barracks OL, and, most promimently, an aircraft carrier. Stealing the vehicles is not advised, as the spawning policemen will most likely destroy it before the player can make a getaway. The vehicles are easier to steal from Area 69.

Entering the base will get the player an automatic five star wanted level.

The aircraft carrier has a Hydra parked on its deck, and this carrier is invaded, and a Hydra stolen, in the mission Vertical Bird, given by Mike Toreno. However, the carrier does not feature any military personell other then in that mission. It does, however, have a group of policemen, as they spawn when the player gets the wanted level. The carrier also has the SAM sites which will fire at the player, until after the completion of Vertical Bird. The SAM site closest to the Hydra is also one of the 50 Photo Oppurtunities in San Fierro. However, to take the picture, one does not need to be on the carrier.

The picture can also be taken from on the nearby rail bridge, or from the runway of the San Fierro airport.