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A nice, simple mission. Savor it while it lasts, as you won't be getting many more of these.

Long story short, Roman's girlfriend/secretary Mallorie and her girl friend Michelle have just gotten back from somewhere, and have called in for a ride. Roman is busy manning the phones at the moment, so he's asking you to go pick them up.

Ignore the fact that this is massively tacky of him and snap up the Taxi that awaits you in the garage as soon as the cutscene ends. Following your GPS will get you straight to the spot, but you might not need it- Hove Beach Subway Station is right at the end of Mohawk Street (in other words, the street you live on), on the east side curb. Drive there , pull up to the marker, and honk the horn to draw the attention of the ladies.

Mallorie is ticked that Roman found a way to dodge out of picking them up, but you get the feeling this happens all the time. At any rate, she's quite pleasant (if a bit of a forceful personality) and introduces you to Michelle, who is much more than she lets on.

But that's for later. At the moment, just focus on driving them both up to their pad- GPS is your friend here, as the streets in this part of Broker can get very confusing. On the way, Mallorie suggests you and Michelle hook up, though she suggests you get some new clothes first.

But that's then, and for now all you need to do is pull up at the townhouse and let the two out- you'll call Roman, and the mission is done.

Bonus Advice

Roman makes a similar suggestion to the one Mallorie made- get some new threads- but also recommends a shop for you. Turn around and head back to downtown Broker- that dialogue was the key to opening up the mission "First Date", and before you can go on any date you'll need some new threads. Fortunately, the Russian clothes shop has opened its doors just now- what perfect timing- and your first purchase (all you need) is free. We recommend choosing a new jacket or pants, as those are the most expensive items, but it's totally up to you. If you want to completely change your look, feel free to do so, but be aware that you'll have to pay for all the rest from now on.

My advice? Buy only one new item first, then go on the date. The why is elaborated on in "First Date".