Eddie Low

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Eddie Low is a strange and psychotic serial killer who is notorious for killing his victims late at night or late night joggers. He met while walking across the street from the car dealership in northern Alderney. Eddie firsts ask him to take him and his 'friend' (whose presumed to be another victim stored in a gym bag) to a nearby marina to 'drop him off' and then to take him to Purgatory, Algonquin. Later on through the game his is mentioned several times via internet news sites (example: The Liberty Tree) as a serial killer without a nickname. He appears for a second time while, once again, in a alleyway in north Alderney (not the same place) and starts to make small talk. The awkward conversation gets heated when Niko says "You need to get laid!" and then Eddie takes out a knife and starts to attack Niko. Niko's task is to obviously kill Eddie Low. After killing him, On The Liberty Tree website there is a news article about his death explaining that a detective whose been working his case was on his way to his house in Dukes when he heard about his murder.

Eddie Low on the Internet

Eddie Low has two blog pages on MyRoom (reference to MySpace) and Blogsnobs. They are both titled 'Eddie the filth slayer'. On his MyRoom page it says that he has zero friends. And he leaves a few comments on websites.