Eduard Borodin

Eduard Borodin
Eduard Borodin on the left.
[[Image::File:EduardBorodin-GTAIV.jpg| ]]
Eduard Borodin on the left.
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Eduard Borodin


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2008 (during Paper Trail)
Nationality Russian
Occupation Businessman

Eduard Borodin is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Character history

Eduard Borodin was born in the Soviet Union and, by 2008, had become a successful businessman and multi-billionaire who was using his money to fund terrorists in Liberty City. He also had plans to move to purchase a large quantity of land in Middle Park, Algonquin to build a mega-mansion although he was denied permission by Mayor Julio Ochoa. While in Liberty City, the IAA discovered his activities with an agent instructing Niko Bellic and "Little" Jacob Hughes to kill him while on board a helicopter looking for a new area to build his mansion. The agent provides a helicopter for them as they follow Borodin and destroy his helicopter with an rocket propelled grenade launcher when it flies over the water surrounding Algonquin to avoid civilian casualties.

Mission appearances