El Quebrados Medical Center

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The El Quebrados Medical Center, is a medic center located in El Quebrados, Tierra Robada, San Andreas. CJ, will appear outside of here if he dies in the Tierra Robada, as it is the only medic center, in Tierra Robada, and one of two in Bone County, the other is in Fort Carson. The medic center is near CJ's girlfriend police station, where CJ picks her up for a date. In the deleted opening of San Andreas, Ken Rosenberg, appears coming out of the medic center, after he got cleared of drugs, which suggests the medic center is aslo a rehab clinic. There is always a Ambulance, parked outside. The Paramedic missions, can be done easily by taking the patients to this clinic, the furthest patients away are in the Sherman Dam area, which is not far away from the medical center.