Elizabeta Torres

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Elizabeta Torres is a successful small-time drug dealer in Bohan. However, she knows an upcoming drug crackdown is going to make her life very difficult and with her own narcotic use spiraling out of control she’s becoming increasingly paranoid and delusional. She appears in the third trailer and in the promotional artwork for the game. Although earlier renditions of the artwork depict her as much thinner than her final appearance it is shown on advertisment posters made by rockstargames that she is between 5'11-6'2" tall and may weigh between 200-225 pounds. The posters also tells that her age is between 28-32. She introduces you to Packie McReary in the "Luck of the Irish" mission. She shoots Manny in the mission "Have a Heart" after he tries to film her as part of his documentary of the crime in Bohan. After Niko elimanates the bodies of Manny and his cameraman, he receives a call from Elizabeta saying that she's cutting off their relationship because the police are closing in on her.

Elizabeta is voiced by Charlie Parker.