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Empire Sites are one of the new features added to the Grand Theft Auto series in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


In Vice City circa 1984, Vice City was a growing city. Economic opprutunities were available to anyone who could afford them. Vic Vance, after killing Marty Jay Williams, gains access to these sites. Since his organization, the Vance Crime Family, was a criminal organization, these sites were used as bases of operations for his various activities. These activities included Protection, Loan Sharking, Prostitution, Smuggling, Drugs, and Robbery. Each site was disguised as a front business, i.e. Prositution rings worked out of a Club. There are three levels that each business can go through, the larger the business, the larger the profit. These sites, when entered, have members of Vic's gang inside. Some, when spoken to, start missions. These missions are based around the operation's business, i.e. Smuggling businesses yield smuggling missions. Upon creating a large operation, Vic unlocks a new clothing item, again, something related to the business that unlocked that particular item. The primary function of these operations is to make revenue. Each business having a higher profit margin than other businesses. The Protection business has the lowest income while the Robbery business has the higher income. Each business also has a vehicle that is either not found other than that particular business or a vehicle with increased statistics.