End of the Line

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End of the Line is the final mission in [{Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]. IT takes place after Los Desperados.


It begins with Carl going to Sweet's house to get Big Smoke for betrayal. The two manages to locate Smoke's fortress. However, Carl decided to get Smoke himself in order to avenge his mother's death. After Carl reaches the entrance to the place, he reaches the other floors in order to find Smoke in the top floor of his fortress. Once he reaches Smoke, a gun fight ensues. Carl, in a gun battle, killed Smoke in the battle.

Once the fight is over, Frank Tenpenny goes to the fortress to ask Carl into giving all of Smoke's drug money to him. Tenpenny tells him that he attempted to escape the riots by using a plane. He prepares to kill Carl until he escapes the shot. Tenpenny, then, makes a fire to the drug lab, hoping it would kill Carl in the blast. After Carl escapes the fire, Sweet jumps into Tenpenny's fire truck in order to catch him. Carl pursues the truck and manages to catch Sweet. Carl begins to take down the pursuers from behind while Sweet drives to catch Tenpenny. When reaching a bridge, the fire truck crashes through the GSF territory. Tenpenny escapes but was injured from the crash. He then dies from his injuries.