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Catalina has set up Expresso stands that sell this poison. You must destroy all of them quickly before the Cartel warn the stands about you destroying them.

The best strategy to do this mission is: You don't have a time limit until you hit one of the Expresso stands, and they don't show up on your radar unless you have been in the district or you are close enough, so go around Liberty and seek out all the 9 stands first, then they will all show up on your radar so you know exactly where to go. It's easy once you think about it, except for the time limit. Start at Portland because then you can work your way back instead of going from Staunton, to Shoreside, then you have to cross Staunton again to get to Portland, it's just common sence. Because I'm so nice, I will give you the locations of the stands:

    • - Salvatore's mansion
    • - Harbour entrance
    • - Park near Ray's missions
    • - Near car park in Newport
    • - Statue in Torrigton
    • - Down the street from the church
    • - In front of the church
    • - In front of Francis international Airport
    • - Hospital at Pike Creek

Once all stands are gotten rid of, you get your reward.

Information taken from Aron Baker's guide for Grand Theft Auto III.