Evacuator Trilogy

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The Exploder Trilogy is a trilogy of films in the GTA III Era made from 1984 to 1992, starring Jack Howitzer as Tim, a crazed ex-Marine who is recruited by the US Government periodically for various tasks such as search-and-rescue missions, and working undercover as a special ed teacher.

The first two films Evacuator (1984) and Exploder: Evacuator Part II (1986) mainly focus on Tim returning to Vietnam for rescue purposes and to kill Communists. The third film Special Needs Cop (1992) features a far different story, with Tim flying out of Cambodia and back to the United States early in the film to teach a pre-school for handicapped children.


The third and final film of the trilogy Special Needs Cop largely departs from the the Evacuator title and storyline, instead mostly parodying the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Kindergarten Cop.