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Executions are special deaths in GTA IV. They are done by aiming a handgun at special targets and firing when the reticule flashes red. Some executions are not performed by Niko.

List of People Executed

- Dardan Petrela, an Albanian gangster who was in debt and pain because of Roman - Ivan Bytchkov, a Russian thug - Vladimir Glebov, a Russian criminal who lied to Roman and Niko to get their assistance - Mikhail Faustin, the Hove Beach Russian boss. He is brutally shot off of the Perestroika club. - Cherise Glover, a woman that betrayed Dwayne Forge when he was at the joint. Optional. - Playboy X, a well-paying businessman that claims he owns Algonquin. Optional. - Dwayne Forge, a friend referred to from Playboy that is very poor. Optional. - Tom Goldberg, a major lawyer that was requested to be killed by Francis McReary - Clarence Little, a thug in Algonquin. Optional. - Oleg Minkov, a Russian worker - Roman's kidnapper without a released name - Luca Silvestri, a man that stole diamonds from Ray Boccino - Aiden O'Malley, Derrick's drinking partner. - Anthony Corrado, Pegorino's betraying guard - Darko Brevic, the man that wanted to hunt down Niko for many years. Optional. - Roman Bellic, Niko's cousin that was killed by Dimitri's guard. Optional. - Kate McReary, Niko's girlfriend - Dimitri Rascalov, the most betrayed character in GTA. - Jimmy Pegorino, the most epic execution in the game. Jimmy is a "fat fucking joke."