FBI Washington

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The FBI Washington parked in Downtown Vice City.

The FBI Washington is a modified Washington for the FBI in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It has greater controlability and faster speed than Washington.

The FBI also drive the larger, heavier FBI Rancher, and leave the FBI Washington parked behind a music store in Downtown. You can start Vigilante missions in this car, and it has a siren. It is more stable than the Police Car in the game, which has a tendency to roll on the slightest grade.


  • The FBI Washington's original color is black, but when Vic first gets 5 wanted stars and these vehicles start appearing, the car seems to be white, though it changes its color back to black after some time. Sometimes the FBI Washingtons can mysteriously change color when driving, right before the players' eyes. Also, the FBI Washingtons that are used for barricading the roads have the color of white.