GTA Fan Fiction

GTA fan fiction are fan created fictional stories based on the characters, themes and locations from Grand Theft Auto games. These stories do not endorse, promote, or teach any criminal acts of violence or any other heinous activities. They are simply fictional stories related to the Grand Theft Auto series and universe, written only for reading pleasure of others. They are detailed to the best of their abilities and almost anyone can create a fan fiction.

List of FanFiction

  • Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories (2006 - 2011, possible ressurection in the future), By User:Carl "CJ" Johnson
  • Daily Dude Damage (2006 - 2011), By User:Carl "CJ" Johnson
  • GTA: City Of Lies (2010), an Award Winning (Story of the year) By Mokrie Dela (Gtaforums); set two years after GTA: IV, and following the Deal ending of GTA: IV, Niko Bellic finds himself targeted by mysterious assassins and is thrown into a dark and mysterious world that pits him up against an old aquaintance. While Johnny Kelbitz vow to avenge the death of his brother. Can they find the answers they want? Will a bullet be enough to save the city?
  • Justice In Flames (City of Lies Sequal) (2011) By Mokrie Dela (GTA Forums). Following the Revenge ending of GTA: IV, and hinging off of Mati's (GTA Forums) Life's Price concept, Johnny Klebitz's brother narrowly escapes an attempted assassination and, with the help of Luis Lopez, finds his former biker brother. Whilst they mysteriously disappear, Niko Bellic and ex-Isreali special forces mercenary Rami Yalon, now under the employ of United Liberty Paper, find themselves introduced to a radical plan to 'clean up' the city following an unexpected change of boss. Where will their paths lead them? Unknown to anyone, Liberty City Will Burn!
  • Not Another Buddy Movie (2008); By User:Blakegripling ph - Based on the game Splinter Cell and the children's book Eloise, but set in the GTA III era, with characters from the series
  • Grand Theft Auto Deliverance (2008) by User:Chip2007 - A high-yield nuclear bomb is detonated in the heart of Liberty City, signalling a takeover from the Middle East. Stranded, the last remnants of the United States Army must make a final effort. Witness their last stand; the final defense of freedom.
  • Lost Cause (2008 - 2011) by User:Carl "CJ" Johnson - As the events of San Andreas end, new stories unfold and, 18 years later, something from the 1980s comes back to haunt Carl and the ones he loves most.
  • Leaving Liberty (TBA) by User:Ingraz - The Colombian Cartel and the Yakuza, two major groups ruined and without a leader, will band together and destroy the city that caused it all.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Jermaine Covered (2009), By User:Carl "CJ" Johnson - Based on the GTA IV DLC, the protagonist is Jermaine Andrews, a minor character from the mission 'Easy Fare' in GTA IV. In a story parallel to the main game, can Jermaine go from a small-time hood who works for the M.O.B., to the top, working at the side of Dwayne Forge, living the dream that all Americans wish to live? (Jermaine Covered can be found at
  • User:Bellic 4 life GTA SA EndWar (2009) - When the Russians invade San Andreas in 2020, they are in for the fight of their lifes. A GTA/EndWar combo. The story can be found at:[ GTA SA EndWar}
  • Blood Brothers (2009) - Pete Vance arrives in Vice City in 1989, and begins digging up answers as to the disappearance of his brothers three years ago.
  • User:Kanzler31/GTA San Andreas: The Untold Trilogy - In 1998, 6 years after the original events, Kendl is murdered in a drive-by in El Corona by the Ballas and Sweet Johnson is arrested for murder. Carl Johnson is now on his own now.
  • User:Kanzler31/GTA IV: Dardan's Story In 2008, Dardan Petrela, an Albanian immigrant, never knew he would get into this much trouble.
  • User:Kanzler31/The History of the State of San Andreas - A history of GTA IV era San Andreas.
  • User:DasRagazzoSan/Brave New World

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