Farewell to Arms


Gonzalez has been caught by Ricardo Diaz and is wanted to work for Diaz as well as leaking him information for any shipments he knows about. He needs to get his Colonel's merchandise to the airport in safety but the Sharks are attacking his truck. Victor gets in an Armadillo while being flown by another Diaz goon and handed an M249. He escorts the truck and shoots all the attacking Sharks. When Gonzalez makes it to the airport, his goons block the entrances but more Sharks attack and as Victor clears out one of the entrances, the other one is under attack. After all the attackers are killed, Gonzalez escapes with a plane even more Sharks in Gang Ranchers attempt to attack him. Once the plane takes off the mission is completed and Victor is dropped off at the helipad at the Escobar International Airport.


(Gonzalez, Victor, Diaz outside Diaz's mansion)

Ricardo Diaz: Take the guns back to your Colonel. But remember, you belong to me now. Any shipments you bring to Vice City come through me.

Gonzalez: Si, si. No problem.

Ricardo Diaz: Vic! I was just talking to my new friend Gonzalez about loyalty. How I will look after him so long as he does what he's told. And you will do as you're told, won't you?

Gonzalez: Si, si.

Ricardo Diaz: Bueno. Escort him to the airport, Vic. Show him what it means to be a friend of Ricardo Diaz... and what it is to be an enemy.


The reward for completing this mission is $2,500 and the mission Burning Bridges is unlocked, if High Wire and Where it Hurts Most have also been completed. The Minigun is now available to purchase from the Vice Point Mall Ammu-Nation.


  • This is the only mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to feature a first-person camera view.
  • It is recommended that the player does not buy a minigun immediately after the mission, as it is very expensive and will be confiscated by the Mendez Brothers in the next mission, Burning Bridges.

Video walkthrough

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