Fern Ridge

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Fern Ridge Safehouse

Location: In the middle of Fern Ridge. From the entrance of the Dillimore

           Police Station, head north. Turn left at the next intersection. 
           Follow the road around the west side of Dillimore and turn north 
           at the next intersection. Follow the road which will curve west 
           and out of Dillimore. Turn north at the next intersection. Cross 
           the bridge and continue north through the next intersection. You 
           will start to see a brick wall which will be on the right side of 
           the road. Before that you should see a dirt path on the right 
           side of the road. Turn onto this dirt road and follow it. When 
           you reach an intersection with a smaller dirt road, turn right 
           onto it. This path will lead you straight to the Safehouse (and 
           to a Shovel Icon just before it).

Cost: None. Available: After "King In Exile" (Cesar Vialpando). Notes: Basic save point. Map: (C-4).


Shovel: By the makeshift graves just to the west of the Fern Ridge Safehouse.




Description: A mid-80s Camaro IROC-Z style muscle car. Spawn Type: Normal. Location: At the Fern Ridge Safehouse (Red County). Reward: $35,000. Cost: $28,000.