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Hosted by Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit (voiced by Julius Dyson) and plays disco, soul and R&B. Fever 105 is one of two preferred radio stations tuned in by the Haitian gang, which can be heard after the player carjacks their gang vehicles. The station is also the default radio station set when the player enters Lance Vance's white Infernus sports car. An album of songs from the station is available separately or as part of the Vice City soundtrack box set. By coincidence, Will Smith sampled The Whispers' song "And The Beat Goes On" in his hit song "Miami" and Vice City is modeled after Miami, Florida.


  • The Whispers - "And the Beat Goes On"
  • Fat Larry's Band - "Act Like You Know"
  • Oliver Cheatham - "Get Down Saturday Night"
  • Pointer Sisters - "Automatic"
  • René & Angela - "I'll Be Good"
  • Mary Jane Girls - "All Night Long"
  • Rick James - "Ghetto Life"
  • Michael Jackson - "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
  • Evelyn King - "Shame"
  • Teena Marie - "Behind the Groove"
  • Mtume - "Juicy Fruit"
  • Kool & the Gang - "Summer Madness"
  • Indeep - "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"