Final Interview

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This is the second mission given to you by Francis. In this misson Francis wants Niko to kill Tom Goldberg due to him having evidence on him. He suggests that you apply for a job there and kill him. You then have to go to a computer and send a resume. Sometime later the office calls and asks Niko to come in tomorrow at noon. When you get there a recipionst takes you to his office. There you have to kill him. (Tip: Use a knife so you get away without a wanted level.) You can then get up and question him or kill him and get the files. If you shot a gun the police come after. (Tip: If you use a gun just jump out of the window to avoid the fight out of the building.) You then have to escape the building by fighting the cops/security guards. You have to make it down a floor to escape and then lose your wanted level(3 stars). You then take the files to Francis.