First Gang War

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The First Gang War was in 1998 and was fought by The Leone Family and The Sindacco Family and led to a Leone victory.Vincenzo Cilli,Joseph Daniel O'Toole,Toni Cipriani, and Salvatore Leone were involved in the war.

The war started when The Sindaccos started dealing in Chinatown, Liberty City in which back then was Leone turf,So Toni Cipriani who wasn't even made yet was sent by capo Vincenzo Cilli to attack 3 Sindacco dealers in which he succsefully did.Later on JD O'Tool who was running a Sindacco owned Club calle Paulie's Revue bar switched sides and became The Leones informer.

He told them about The Sindaccos attempting to blow up a Leone owned casino in Saint Mark's in which Toni Cipriani succsefully stopped from happening.The Leones responded back by destroying a casino/bordello ranned by The Sindaccos.After a while The Sindaccos kiddnapped Don Salvatore Leone and tried to take him to a car crusher in HarwoodBut was once again thwarted by Toni and brought Don Leone back to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club.

An angerd Salvatore came to the Red Light District and whacked every Sindacco he found.This ended the war between The Leones and Sindaccos in which was Leone victory.Many changes happend in Liberty City after the war.The Sindaccos left Portland Island and went to Staunton Island,The Leones renamed Paulie's Revue Bar to Luigi's Sex Club 7 which was ran by Leone consieglieri Luigi Goterelli and family soldatti Mickey Hamfists.The Leones had little time to enjoy their victory as they were kicked out by The Diablos and Triads which was secretly planned by The Sicilian Mafia Inorder to take over Liberty City.