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I think that gta 5 should be set in two urban cities, with the main objective to get to the third more upscale city. i think the two urban cities should be DETROIT and PHILADELPHIA, and the upscale city be like a LAS VEGAS type place. i think they should bring back full customization in like tattoos and cars and houses and make crashes and gunshot wounds more realistic and if you crash into buildings make them get messed up and the game slowly build them back. and make the story based on gangs again. And like for side cash be able to do small things like rob banks and liquor stores or house break-ins, and be able to make money selling drugs, but if you sell the drugs in the wrong turf, you will be warned and attacked by the gang that controls the turf. plus bring back airplanes and bikes and be able to do more recreational to be able to create your character... FEEL FREE TO COMMENT

I dont think there will be a grand theft auto 5 till a long time ,because i was thinking the over day when a new playstaion console came out a new gta era came out except for gta 2 but thats pretty much the same engine and sony hasnt really talked about play station 4. So i say there wont be a gta 5 till another 5 years but those things would be cool in future gta 4 era games. USER:lozzy94

yeah, GTA5 may take a few years to come out. But what Rockstar should've done is release Lost and Damned and balled of Gay Tony as normal PS3 or Xbox360 games rather than just downloadable content for Xbox360. They should release some more GTA games like they did with GTA3 where they had GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories

HarveyH92 21:02, January 28, 2010 (UTC)