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Here are some general tips, hints and tricks to help you on your adventure through Liberty City.


  • To move up/down stairs more quickly, jump up/down them. You go much faster. Just be careful not to jump in the direction of the stair's edge, as you might vault over the side and fall.
  • Shoot the legs! If you can't bring down an enemy by shooting them in the head, shoot 'em in the knees. They'll crumple to the ground and you can get more shots in on them. This is also a great tactic for fleeing enemies.
  • Use the "Sleep Mode" on your phone. If you just want to cruise around Liberty City without being nagged by mission-givers, go the Options in your phone and choose to turn Sleep Mode ON. This will halt the story's progress so you can call up your friends to hang out with them or just do whatever.
  • Un-bloodify your clothes. Did you just get your new suit all bloody and you have an interview in 30 minutes? Go to a safehouse and either sleep or change your clothes & back again. Good as new.
  • How to deal with blindfiring enemies. If an enemy is blindfiring like his life depended on it, aim for his arm/hand, as it is exposed when blindfiring. If you hit it, he'll likely stumble out into the open, where you can hopefully kill him.
  • Save more cars. Outside of your safehouse, you can fit more cars than you think. As long as at least SOME of the car is in the yellow outlined area, it will be safe. Cars will also be automatically fixed when they're kept there.
  • Buy armor! If you know a firefight is coming up, buy yourself some armor. If the mission's begun, don't worry. The second destination listed in the taxi's besides the "objective" is the weapons store.
  • Keep the meter running, cabbie! If you just need to buy some ammo or food real quickly, when the cabbie drops you off, wait a second or two and whistle for the cab again. Then run and buy your stuff. Come back out and he'll be waiting for you right where he left you, if not, then he's around the corner.