Gerald McReary

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Is member of the McReary family. He is first meet at the begining of 3 leaf clover seemingly not trusting him because he isn't Irish. Later after that mission he calls Niko saying he has work. In the Undertaker it's shown that he was taken to jail. After the funeral he calls Niko saying that he has him on the vistors list. He tells Niko kidnap Gracie. Her father is the one that have the diamonds from Museum Piece. After sometime they trade Gracie for the diamonds and then are attacked by Rodislav Bulgarin who feels the diamonds are his. Then Niko and Packie have to make a fight to get to the guy with the diamonds. When they get there he throws it over and it goes in a dump truck. When the mission is done he says that Gerry will not be happy about what happened.