Gold SMG

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A Gold SMG in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The Gold SMG is a new weapon in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It appears as a gold-plated IMI Uzi submachine gun. Yusuf Amir has a Gold SMG and is occasionally seen walking around with it.

It has the same stopping power, accuracy and quite similar firing sound as the Micro Uzi, and is, basically, a stumpier replacement. However, the rate of fire is different, as it fires much faster than the Micro Uzi.(In reality the full sized uzi has a slower rate of fire.) It has a 30-round magazine, rather than the Micro Uzi's fifty round magazine. Also, the reload is somewhat longer.

Most people believe that the gold plating makes the gun heavier but in reality gold plating would just coat the gun with a thin layer of gold. Because it is a much bigger than the Micro-SMG ,Luis and the Multiplayer Character holds it with two hands, firing from the hip. This gun, while being similar to the Uzi from GTA IV and TLAD, has such an astounding rate of fire that it is the best gun in the game for drive bys and is not bad for ground warfare. The only flaw of the gun is its poor accuracy sacrificed for the rate of fire and damage, but it still makes out a good CQB weapon.


  • After completing Yusuf Amir's final mission, he will award you with his car and the Uzi in the glove compartment.
  • Complete the game to unlock the Gold Uzi in Armando's Gun Van, costing $5000.
  • Finish 50 Drug Wars to unlock the Gold Uzi in Luis' apartment (spawns only after completing the game).