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This policy describes the various different ways of showing the name of a GTA game.

For example, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City can also be shown as GTA Vice City, GTA VC, GTAVC or VC. Different variations are better to use at different times. Using the full 'long' title in everything like page titles, category names, image names and template parameters would be very messy and hard to use. This page serves as a guide for the standard formats and when they are appropriate.

You can use the templates listed below to automatically change ANY version of a game name (even unofficial ones) into the format you require. For example, specifying {{GameLong | gta3}} will produce: Grand Theft Auto III.

Long form Short form Condensed form Game ID
Example Grand Theft Auto: Vice City GTA Vice City GTAVC VC
Template {{GameLong}} {{Game}} {{Condensed}} {{Gameids}}
Used for Game page titles, formal explanations General use in text, titles of most pages/categories Image names Template parameters