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User accounts on Grand Theft Wiki are members of various user groups. User groups each have different rights and abilities on the wiki, and some groups are considered to be staff on this wiki.

The rights of each group can be found at Special:ListGroupRights.

Normal user groups

  • Autoconfirmed - Users are automatically promoted to the Autoconfirmed group once they have been registered on Grand Theft Wiki for a certain length of time. The only additional right is to edit semi-protected pages.
  • Trusted Users - This group is for any user who the staff know to be trustworthy. Edits made by Trusted users are not examined by staff as often as edits by other users. There are no extra rights or tools for trusted users. Any Administrator or above can mark a user as trusted.

Staff ranks

Staff are users chosen to hold a position of responsibility on the wiki. Each rank of staff has different rights, responsibilities and tools to help them do their jobs.

Whilst all users are encouraged to edit the wiki and check each others' work, staff have the responsibility to keep the wiki running smoothly.

  • Inspectors - Users with the responsibility to patrol the wiki and check for problems. The only extra right is moving pages. Inspectors are not staff, and have no authority over users.
  • Administrators - Responsible for keeping the wiki running smoothly, with extra powers such as move, delete, and blocking users.
  • Managers - Lead administrators, responsible for promoting staff on this wiki.
  • Executive Managers - Owners of the wiki. Executives have administrative rights on every wiki.

Other user groups

Several other user groups and rights exist on the wiki, but are not staff positions:

  • Bots - Authorised automated user accounts, software used to automatically edit the wiki or make mass edits.
  • Checkuser - This is the ability to see users' IP addresses and block them. This is reserved for certain staff only, to maintain user privacy.
  • Staff - This group is only for editing awards & gifts in social profiles. This is not used.
  • Oversight - This group has the ability to permanently delete pages, images, edits and revisions from the wiki. This is not used.

Promotions & group changes

  • Any Administrator or above can mark a user as trusted
  • A Manager can promote users to Inspector or Administrator
  • Executive Managers can promote a user to any group, and are solely responsible for appointing Managers
  • Bot accounts can be requested at Grand Theft Wiki:Bots, and approved by a Manager