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See also Freenode help

Grand Theft Wiki's IRC channel is a public discussion channel for discussion about GTA and Grand Theft Wiki.

Logging On

Our channel is #gtawiki at

Using a Web Client

  • Go to
  • Enter a username
  • Select #GTAWiki from the list (about halfway down)
  • Hit "Login"

Using mIRC

  • Install mIRC
  • Use as the server
  • Type /join #gtawiki to join our channel


Registering your nick will make you personally identifiable on the IRC server. Nobody has the right to any particular nick (username) unless they register it. You might not get the same nickname as you use on this wiki, and be aware that other people might not be who you think they are.

To register your nick, simply type /msg nickserv register <your-password>

Add a valid email address to your primary nickserv entry so that you have a way to reset your password

  • /msg nickserv set hide email on
  • /msg nickserv set email <your-email-address>

If you don't use your nick, someone can request that it be dropped so that they can use it. Likewise, if the nick you want is registered by someone else who doesn't use it, you can request for it to be dropped. Freenode consider IRC nicks expired after 60 days without use. Nicks which are at least two weeks old and which were last used less than two hours after their creation are also considered to be expired. Simply ask a Freenode staff member to do this for you.


Some users can be made an operator (Op) on the IRC channel. This gives them the capability to change the topic title, silence, kick or ban unruly users.

We pick our Ops strictly on the bases of merit and requirement. If we need a new op, we will look ourselves for users that are regularly on the channel, know how it works and are. Being staff on the wiki is not an automatic right to be an op, but usually this will be allowed.