Haitian Drugs Factory

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Haitian Drugs Factory is the main Drug Factory of the Haitian Gangs. The building may be inaccessible at first, but it will be later on right from the aftermath from the mission Trojan Voodoo. Once it is destroyed, Haitian gangs will appear and attack the player on sight.

Events in GTA: VC

Now that Tommy Vercetti have completed jobs from Auntie Poulet, Umberto Robina calls him that now it is the time to eliminate the Haitian's drug factory ocnce and for all. Tommy then must use the Voodoo vehicle to meet up with other Cubans in the two Voodoo cars with Rico inside. The Haitians lets them inside, and right after they enter the buildings, gunshots erupt with the Haitians trying to eradicate them with their TEC 9 guns. Tommy then fights back and attaches the bombs from the highlighted markers. He has a few minutes to attach the bombs into the marker before the bombs fail to detonate. Right after that, Tommy, Rico, and the rest of the Cubans evacuate the factory before its blown to smithereens. Their mission succeeds.

Weapon Location

  • Minigun: can be seen on top of a girder from a blown-up drug factory

Hidden Package in GTA Vice City Stories

  • A red balloon can be seen stuck on a ceiling.