Half Cut

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Half Cut is a PSP exclusive mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is given by Melanie Mallard to Huang Lee.


Get inside the van and follow the GPS to the shop. Once at the store, toss some drugs to the dealers, After tossing the drugs, head to the alley, using the GPS for the route. However, if the junkies manage to pull you out of the vehicle, just take them down. Once the player is in the alley, hop back over the wall to grab some body armor on the left. Now back in the alley, head up it and toss drugs to each of the five groups. Now as you attempt to exit, they'll all come after both you and Mel. Gun them down and then return to the van. Take the van to South Slopes, using the route outlined on your GPS. Once there, you'll find five blue dots on your radar. Head to them and toss each group of people you find a sack of drugs. After distributing the drugs, follow the GPS to the carnival. Along the way, some rival gangs will try to destroy the van or kill you. You can ram them out, sped away or destroy them. Once your in the destination, the mission ends.