Hating the Haters

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Bernie is getting harassed by some gay-bashers and asks for your help to keep them off his back. You take him to Middle Park for his afternoon run and attempt to set up Bernie's attackers. Be sure to stay a few yards behind Bernie as he runs as to not scare off his attacker; if you give him a head start and then hold the run button rather than tapping it to sprint, you should stay at the right distance. Bernie will eventually come to an overpass on the trail where I guy jumps out, says a few choice words and then hits Bernie with a bat. You come Bernie's defense and the attacker takes off up the stairs and onto the main road where he steals a Faggio and continues to flee. Steal one of the Faggios left and chase him down. The attacker will lead you all throughout Middle Park. Try to avoid hitting pedestrians as they will slow you down and potentially throw you from the scooter. Also, discharging your gun inside the park will quickly get the cops attention but since they can't drive their cruisers inside the park, they can only chase you on foot and shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Kill the attacker and then return to Bernie, pick him up and then get back to his apartment. Mission Accomplished.