Havana Good Time

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Havana Good Time is the last mission in the Umberto Robina strand.


Upon completing Papi Don't Screech, Umberto Robina wants revenge for the attempt on his father's life. He instructs Vic to drive to the Cholo storehouse to steal their guns.

After arriving, several Cholo gaurds begin shooting. After Vic kills these gaurds, the Los Cabrones drive up. Vic now begins to gaurd the Los Cabrones while they steal the guns. Several Cholos, armed with pistols and machine guns, begin to attack. There are several waves of these Cholos and when they fire upon the Los Cabrones, they stop loading the guns. After the finish loading, a Los Cabrones gang member shows Vic their "suprise", a piñata shaped like a Cholo filled with gunpowder and explosives, for the Cholos. Vic then drives back to Umberto's house, while under fire from Cholo Sabres. After Vic returns to the house, Umberto thanks Vic. Several blocks away, the Cholos retake the storehouse. One Cholo takes a swing at the "gift" the Los Cabrones left behind and it explodes, killing many Cholos. This destruction signifies the end of the gang war in Little Havana is over, with the Los Cabrones in control and the Cholos in retreat. Umberto once again thanks Vic and says "I love you man, like a son, or a dog" and calls him a true man and a friend.


Upon completing the mission, Cholo empire sites are damaged, destroyed, or under attack. They will not be repaired as the Cholos have no money[or no leadership to authorize] their repair. Their is also a news report of the end of the gang war and the rise of Umberto Robina as the leader of the united Cuban factions. Also, the Cuban Style outfit is available to Vic.