Hepburn Heights

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Hepburn Heights is an area in Liberty City's Portland Island. Hepburn Heights is known for the many, many appartment complex's it has to offer. Gangs have shifted it around for a while now. It is implied that in Liberty City Stories that the Leones once controlled Hepburn Heights with an iron fist. But due to the Sindaccos wanting to expand their influnce in Liberty City, the Leones began loosing to the Sindaccos. Once the Sindaccos were kicked off the Island, the Diablos street gang, backed by the Sicillian Mafia, began an outright onslught which was defeated by Leone Capo, Toni Cipriani, but he didn't believe that the Leone's would be able to hold on to this part of town for very much longer. By the time GTA 3 came around, Toni was proven to be right as the diablos took over Hepburn Heights.