Hidden Interiors Universe

The Hidden Interiors Universe, or black hell(Not to be confused with blue hell) refers to the place in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which containsh all kinds of hidden interiors or places. The term black hell originates from the place's environment, which is entirely pitch black, though the deepest point contains a polished floor, with a light brown color.


Even though black hell is a place itself, it contains many markers that allow the player to enter another place or hidden interior in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Examples of places include:

-A brothel of some sort. -OG Loc's house in Ganton -Ryder's House -Sweet's House -TransFender -San Fierro Police Department Headquarters -Liberty City

and many more.


The only known means of accessing black hell is through Ganton Gym or by utilizing the use of trainers, but others have said that black hell can also be accessed through other normal in-game interiors, such as the Well-Stacked Pizza Co. but this claim has not yet been confirmed.


-Black Hell contains many places and interiors, some are used, others are not, one such example is a warehouse, which was never seen in GTA: San Andreas.