Hideouts in GTA III

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The main function of the safehouses in Grand Theft Auto III is to let the player save his or her progress in the game. The game is saved by walking into the doorway of the safehouse. A new feature for the Grand Theft Auto series is the ability to save cars in the garages of the safehouses. The player can acquire up to three safehouses in the game, unlocking them as the player progresses through the storyline. Rewards from side missions and collectibles in the form of weapons and powerups are placed at all safehouses.

Name Location Garage capacity Accessible after
Portland Island Safehouse Red Light District, Portland Island 1 Give Me Liberty
Staunton Island Safehouse Belleville Park, Staunton Island 2 Last Requests
Shoreside Vale Safehouse Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale 3 A Drop In The Ocean