High Dive

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High Dive is a mission in GTA IV DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given by Yusuf Amir to Luis Lopez.


In Yusuf's apartment, Yusuf will be on the phone with a business associate. Then, his father calls, and Luis suddenly realized that all of the money, wealth and material possessions around him aren't really his, but his father's. Undeterred, Yusuf needs Luis to come along with him to somehow legitimize it. Yusuf and Luis heads outside and heads to Rotterdam Tower, then, Yusuf asks Luis to go up and scope things out. Luis then arrives at the observation decks and sees Tahir Saeed and Ahmed. They're planning to take Yusuf out to business. Luis quickly hones-in on their plan and threatens Tahir. When he doesn't spill the beans, Luis rather casually throws him off of the building which he falls to the ground below, killing him. Ahmed escapes and NOOSE will begin to appear. Luis kills every one of them including their choppers and find Ahmed at the tip of Rotterdam Tower. Ahmed will hand Luis a parachute to dive down to the ground safely, escaping the NOOSE. Ahmed runs to the side of the building but falls off the building. Then, the mission concludes.