High Stakes, Low Rider

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High Stakes, Low-Rider

  • Prerequisites: Sweet Path Cesar Vialpando
  • Rewards: $1,000
  • Unlockables: Lowrider Challenge

This is your typical street race. You will be the number six car. You must go through the city and win the race to complete this mission.

  1. Get your car modified before you start the race. Usually a few shots of installed nitro can sometimes be a help. Go to the starting line and enter the pink marker. NOTE: You cannot destroy nor jack the cars participating in the race.
  2. When the signal indicates it, floor the gas an move quickly. Since this race is street illegal, you will have to deal with cross-traffic in addition to the other drivers. Just keep your speed steady and avoid obstacles and you should be in good shape. A pretty high driving skill helps immensely with this mission.
  3. You will track down the double lane highway paralleling Verona Beach. You will then go north up the double highway going through the Marina and Vine- wood. At the tunnel, you will go left.
  4. Here you will make a series of "stair-step" curves. Cut the curves to save yourself time. When you make the last turn onto the Santa Maria pier, pour on the gas to get to the Bar and Grill.
  5. With practice, you can make really good times on this race.