Hit the Pipe

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Arriving at Jim Fitzgerald's location you'll be treated to a somewhat brief cutscene. Here he'll introduce you to two members of the Uptown Riders, another motorcycle club that favors Japanese sports bikes as opposed to the choppers that The Lost and The Angels of Death use. One member is named Malc, who will give you some pipe bombs. Turns out three AOD vans are driving around Alderney at this very moment and you've been tasked with taking them down. Despite being given pipe bombs and being instructed to use them on the vans, this doesn't work all too well. Instead, getting into a large SUV like the Cavalcade and gunning the vans down with an Uzi works wonders. The individual AOD members aren't important, so don't worry about killing them - the vans are the priority. This mission also has no time limit and the vans won't simply escape your grasp as vehicles do in most other missions, so you can leisurely take down all three. Once that's done, so is the mission. Prepare to work with Malc in the future.